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Breakthough sessions

Are you looking for happiness and fulfillment?


That’s the one thing we are all looking for. We all want to be happy with everything in our lives-our career, our health, our family and our overall well-being.

But how do we get happy? We get happy when we see the results we want to be seeing. We can’t see those results though, until we stop making excuses.

How do we stop making excuses? With a Breakthrough Session.


What’s a Breakthrough Session and why would you want to experience one?


The purpose of a Breakthrough Session is to pinpoint the underlying problem you’re experiencing, the problem that’s keeping you stuck. We then eliminate it, through MER® (Mental and Emotional Release®) and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) so you can make positive changes in your life.

How do you make positive changes?

By releasing the negative emotions and limiting beliefs (baggage) you developed unconsciously. Then by setting achievable goals and taking action. The amazing part of this process is that you don’t have to remember the details of anything that has happened in your life. Your Unconscious Mind has already done that for you and knows exactly where to look to find the moment when this problem became a problem. That’s why in a Breakthrough Session we communicate with your Unconscious Mind.

Have you often wondered why you continue to do the things you know you “shouldn’t” be doing?

Its because you’ve never addressed the deeper issue, the root cause of the problem. On the surface you know, with your Conscious Mind, how to be brave, how to have courage, how to stop eating emotionally, how to have a calm loving relationship with your family, how to communicate effectively with others, how to not lose your shit over the littlest things.

Somewhere along the line you had an emotionally significant experience. Your Unconscious Mind saw that you were having difficulty processing your emotions and thoughts about that experience, so it jumped in and started doing it’s job, protecting you from pain. It holds on to all the negative emotions and limiting beliefs so you can process them later when you know how. The problem is that even with it’s best intentions, the Unconscious Mind doesn’t realize that holding on to all that baggage is actually causing you harm. It’s keeping you from creating the life you want. And that baggage keeps getting heavier and heavier the longer you carry it.

A Breakthrough Session allows us to let the Unconscious Mind know it’s time to set the baggage down. When we do that the Unconscious Mind will go back to the root cause and let that shit go!

How amazing would that be?

From there the Unconscious Mind lets go off all the baggage from all the experiences that were similar to the root cause and lets the baggage go from those too.

Once the baggage is released we explore your values. Values are those things we hold most important. They determine what we do with our time and how we evaluate the time that we’ve spent. Nothing is more critical to your success. When you know your values, and align your thoughts and actions to them, you become focused like a laser moving towards your target. When your goals are aligned with your values, you create the life of your dreams.

In a nutshell, a Breakthrough Session gives you the ability to:

  • overcome your limiting beliefs and enhance your self-confidence
  • let go of the past and experience more joy, happiness and fulfillment
  • quit sabotaging yourself so you can step into your power
  • learn to forgive yourself, and others, so you can experience emotional freedom
  • align with your values and set achievable goals
  • create an action plan that will help you get YOUR Fiercely Fresh Life



What does a Breakthrough Session look like?


A Breakthrough Session is the first action in my Integrative Coaching model. It typically lasts 6-8 hours and is a comprehensive approach to identifying the various reasons why you’ve been unable to achieve your goals. Once we have elicited the greater problem and underlying theme, we can then remove old negative emotions, limiting beliefs and decisions that are the unconscious drivers that keep you stuck.

Once we’ve removed the baggage, we’ll then replace it with new behaviors and strategies that literally allow you to ‘break through’ and become super-charged in the area of life you’ve chosen to work on.


What happens after a Breakthrough Session?

A Breakthrough Session is something that can be done as a stand-alone process. However, in my experience, working with a coach allows you to continue to make the positive changes you say you want so the baggage doesn’t have a chance to show up on your doorstep again.

In my approach to coaching, I use a heart-centered, conversational way of understanding how your experiences have shaped who you are, along with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Mental and Emotional Release® techniques, and Hypnotherapy. These access the Unconscious Mind to assist you in releasing past negative emotions, limiting beliefs, anxiety, and negative behavior patterns.

In a coaching relationship with me you will be lovingly held accountable for what you say you want and for your actions, or non-actions. We work together to keep you on track. You will consistently produce the results you’re looking for to get you the happiness that seems just out of reach.


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