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What is hypnotherapy and what can it do for you?


Have you ever been reading a book or watching TV and not heard someone talking to you?

Have you ever been so focused on what you were doing that all time and space seemed to disappear? This is the same thing as being “in the zone”.

These are trance states where our attention is inward and our focus is concentrated. That’s what hypnosis is-a trance like state where we are better able to communicate with the unconscious mind.

When the mind is concentrated and focused, you’re better able to tap into and utilize your internal resources. When you do that, making personal changes and navigating life becomes a whole lot easier.


Why hypnotherapy?


In hypnotherapy we use the process of hypnosis to create desired changes in behavior and encourage mental and physical well-being.

One of the things our unconscious mind does is try to protect us. That’s why it holds onto unresolved negative emotions and creates limiting beliefs. Through MER® and NLP we can release those repressed emotions and use hypnosis to install new empowering beliefs and thoughts, those that will give you the motivation and knowing that you need to move forward.


What hypnotherapy did for me


You know the saying “we are our own worst critic”? Yeah, my inner critic was a total bitch!

Hypnotherapy has helped me shut her up.

I have successfully installed new positive and empowering thoughts so that I am no longer beating myself up for every little thing. I’ve changed those negative tapes that run every time something doesn’t go my way. Instead of the old doom and gloom, I shrug it off, take a deep breath, find a solution, and move on.


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